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Become a Member
We welcome anyone who is interested in helping their community or educating themselves about weather. Our members do receive training from several different sources, and we do have a certification process. You can take it at whatever speed you are comfortable with. The purpose of our Levels of Certification are to simply give the storm spotter an education that they can draw upon to make the right decisions so they do not put themselves in harms way. The MidWest Severe Storm Tracking Response Center members, officers and operators (MidWestSSTRC) are in no way responsible for the actions of any spotter in the field. We simply help them develop the tools they will need. It is up to the spotter themselves to use common sense and good judgement at all times. The spotter, on their own, must insure their own safety. This also allows us to make accurate and detailed storm reports to the National Weather Service based on our level of confidence in you as an educated spotter.

If you wish to become a member of Midwest SSTRC Inc., please attend one of our meetings. Let us know your are coming be emailing us at . We will be happy to get you started!

Benefits of being a member
  • Help your Community
  • Meet Others in our Community with your same Interests
  • Learn New Things about Weather
  • Work With Emergency Professionals Throughout Dane County
  • Fulfill Your Desire to Track Storms in a Safe Manner
  • We will Introduce You To the World of Amateur Radio
  • Be the First to Know When Storms are Going to Hit

MidWest SSTRC Inc. has two levels of membership as we understand
that people may wish to either limit there participation or may wish
to become more involved.

MidWest SSTRC Inc. believes that training is vital to spotter performance
and safety.

With this in mind we offer two levels of membership.

Associate Member *
  • New members will be classified as an Associate Member
  • Can submit storm reports as per MidWest SSTRC Inc. protocols.
  • Can attend any MidWest SSTRC Inc. event or meeting.
  • Receives a MidWest SSTRC Inc. Associate Member ID (No picture on ID) (Membership forms received after March 31st may result in a Membership Certificate to be issued in place of a MidWest SSTRC, Inc. ID)
  • Is issued a "MidWest" Id number.
  • Can not hold a position within MidWest SSTRC Inc. or be on a committee.
  • Can work toward achieving Active Member status

Active Member *
  • Attends one meeting per calendar quarter.
  • Participates in at least One (1) MidWest SSTRC, Inc. Community Outreach Program:
    • Dark Skies Severe Weather Seminar
    • County and/or City National Night Out Event/s to which MidWest SSTRC, Inc. is invited
    • Other MidWest SSTRC, Inc Community Outreach Programs as they are announced.
  • Check in to one radio net per month.
  • Receives a MidWest SSTRC Inc. picture ID.
  • Membership Form, MMF (Membership Maintenance fee) must be received by March 31st of the current calendar year to assure receipt of a MidWest SSTRC, Inc. ID) (Membership forms received after March 31st may result in a Membership Certificate to be issued in place of a MidWest SSTRC, Inc. ID)
  • Can be on a committee.
  • Can hold an officer position within MidWest SSTRC Inc..

*All levels of membership are subject to review by the Board of Directors.

Becoming a member
Please fill out our application (this application instead if you're a minor) and bring it to the next monthly meeting. Alternatively, you can mail the application to this address:

MidWest SSTRC Inc.
Membership Coordinator
P.O. 8763
Madison, WI 53708