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Dane County
  • Madison - 444.375 PL 123.0
  • Madison - 451.275 (Restricted)
Iowa County
  • East of Barneveld - 444.050 PL 123.0 (offline)
Rock County
  • Janesville - 444.750 PL 123.0
  • Janesville - 145.450 PL 123.0 (Monitor only; no active nets)
Sauk County
  • Baraboo - 443.575 PL 123.0

Please review the Ham repeater guidlines found here Repeater Guidelines.

MidWest SSTRC Inc. utilizes the above listed repeaters during severe weather events. They are all "open" amateur radio repeater systems except for the 451.275. Use of that repeater and frequency is restricted to authorized MidWest Members only.

MidWest has the ability to link the 444.375 together with either the 444.050 and/or 444.750 repeaters, and is the priority traffic on those repeaters as authorized by their respective owners and operators.

Amateur Radio Nets
MidWest SSTRC Inc. conducts a radio check-in net on the 444.375, 443.050 and 444.750 (linked) every Wednesday at 7:00pm. You need not be a member to check in during this net. The net may be cancelled if severe weather is in the area at the time.

444.375 - N9BDR Repeater Control Operators
  • Ralph Pellegrini - N9BDR
  • Tim Shriver - WX9TRS

443.575 - N9BDR Repeater Control Operators
  • Ralph Pellegrini - N9BDR
  • Tim Shriver - WX9TRS

444.750 - WB9SHS Repeater Control Operators
  • Jim Anderson - KA9VHG
  • Tim Shriver - WX9TRS