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Alert Levels
Cyan image
All Clear Mode - Condition Cyan
Storm Mode - No severe weather expected within the next 72 hours.
Winter Mode - No severe weather expected within the next 24 hours.

Blue image
Informational Mode - Condition Blue
Storm Mode - Nowcaster predicts severe weather could occur in or near our area within the next 72 hours

Winter Mode - This level is not used in this mode.

Green image
Standby Mode - Condition Green
Storm Mode - The Nowcaster predicts severe weather could occur in or near our area within the next 24 hours

Winter Mode - A Severe Winter Storm or event could occur in or near our area within the next 24 hours.

Yellow image
Ready Mode - Condition Yellow
Storm Mode - Adjacent immediate area looks compromised, a watch has been issued or unsettled but severe weather is unsure, or adjacent areas are warned.

Upon declaration of the this condition by the Manager On Duty, the MOD or multiple Net Control Operators should begin to handle traffic on the various radio frequencies. Trackers may be deployed for observation beyond county borders in areas of concern. The members will report their observations to the MOD/NCO via radio or phone in T.L.C.S. format. If there is a Relay Operator online then they will forward the information to the local weather forecast office via the VHF backbone or phone (severe criteria). Non severe reports will be sent via eSpotter.

Radio usage on the 444.375, 444.750, and 451.275 is not restricted. Announcements by the MOD/NCO are made indicating that the MidWest SSTRC net could go into Condition Red at any time. Any planning for sharing rides etc. need to be made now as this type of communication during a Condition Red will not be allowed on the radios unless prior authorization from the MOD/NCO is received.

Winter Mode - Winter Storm activity has started and expected to continue in the indicated county.

Red image
Activation Mode - Condition Red
Storm Mode - Full activation of the Net happens if severe weather is imminent or if conditions warrant as decided by the Manager On Duty.

Radio communications on the 444.375 and 444.750 (and possibly 443.575) repeaters will generally be restricted to severe criteria reports and pertinent information only, according to the MOD. Members on the Business Band frequency will be expected to limit their communications to severe criteria and pertinent information as well.

The MOD or Net Control Operator will take control of the frequency and regulate its usage. The MOD/NCO may control the use of the frequency as they see fit. Linking of the 444.375 and 444.750/443.575 repeaters may also take place at this time. Both repeaters will then be under the full control of the MOD/NCO.

Usage of T.L.C.S. format is required when contacting Net Control with a report. Try not to give additional information unless the MOD/NCO asks for it. When calling in a report via phone or email we must use the same T.L.C.S. format.

Winter Mode - A Severe Winter Weather Event is ongoing, heavily impacting travel and commerce within the indicated county or is expected to do so. Conditions are or soon will be considered dangerous and a threat to life and property.