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MidWest SSTRC Logo
The MidWest Severe Storm Tracking Response Center (MidWest SSTRC, Inc.) is comprised of members whose primary purpose is to assist in providing early detection of severe weather. We communicate this critical information to government officials, other recognized agencies and organizations including the National Weather Service allowing for timely public severe weather warnings and providing emergency responses as appropriate. MidWest SSTRC Inc. endeavors to assist in any way it can in the protection of life and property from any threat, be it natural or man made.

MidWest SSTRC Inc. - A 501(c)(3) Non-profit Corporation
Current Activation Levels - Wisconsin

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News Item
General Meeting
Posted 07/26/18 6:27 AM

General Meeting & Training

General Meeting (Summer Appreciation Event)
20 Aug 2018
6 PM - 9 PM

MidWest Community Outreach Program
Join us for:
Monona/Dane County National Night Out
Tues 14 Aug, 2018
5 PM - 730 PM
Winnequah Park
Monona WI

Bellville Safety Days
Tuesday 21 Aug, 2018
4 PM - 7 PM
Community Park
Bellville, WI

Appreciation Picnic
Aug 20, Monday 16 Aug 2018
6 PM - 8 PM
Interested? Email dale.bernstein@midwestsstrc.org

General Meeting:
Monona Community Center
Main Hall
1011 Nichols Road
Monona, WI 53716

Wed Night Nets: 1 Aug 2018

Ham:7PM (444.375)(PL 123)

Business Band: 730PM
(MidWest Authorized Users)


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