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What is this thing?
This is an interactive map using Google Maps functionality. By double-clicking on the map, you can determine the nearest reference point within the same county. This is useful to weather spotters who report weather events to MKX-Milwaukee/Sullivan using their location using reference points. The map can also display county borders and reference points for reference.

Reference points: The light-blue triangle markers are NWS reference points. Clicking on a reference point will tell you its name, County, and coordinates. Reference points can be toggled on the options page. Reference points are loaded from the 2008 lat/long coordinates provided by MKX-Milwaukee/Sullivan. A few reference points have a large differential between the lat/long location and the reference description in which case the reference discription was used instead and the name of the reference point name ends with an astrisk to indicate a corrected lat/long value (e.g. the Daleyville reference point in Dane County). Find any errors? Send an email to the address mentioned in the feedback section below.

Location marker: Double-clicking on the map will place/move the location marker. Clicking on this location marker will tell you which county the marker is in and also the distance/direction to the nearest NWS reference point within that county. The coordinates of this marker are displayed on the right info-bar. Clicking on the "marker" title will re-center the map on the location marker.

Coordinates: The lat/long coordinates at the center of the map, under the mouse pointer, and at the location marker (if any) are displayed on the right info-bar.

Maps: A few different types of maps are available. Change the map by clicking the rectangle icons in the upper-right.

Zooming: To zoom the map you can either use the slider in the upper-left or use the scroll wheel on your mouse.

Moving: To move the map you can use the N/S/E/W panning controls in the upper-left or you can click-and-drag the map to reposition. You can also move the blue "visible area" window located in the overview pane in the lower-right.

To Do:
- Add a search box to search for addresses
- Reference points have not been validated--please send feeback one is found out of place
- Add an option to save settings via cookie

Feedback: Please share any comments, suggestions, corrections, etc.:
Display Options:
County Borders
County Names

Reference Point Icons:
Fond du Lac
Green Lake

Note: Turning on reference point icons is for display purposes only. They need not be displayed on the map for the "nearest reference point" calculation to occur. Try turning these off if you need to increase the performance speed of the map.